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Achille Tuglo

Professional Software Engineer | Cloud, Web & Blockchain Technology Expert

Lead Software Engineer at the intersection of innovation and efficiency, pioneering agile solutions in blockchain, web, and cloud technologies.

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Why Hire Me?

As a Lead Software Engineer with expertise in cutting-edge technologies and blockchain, I offer a unique blend of innovation, efficiency, and leadership. My experience across various industries equips me to drive your projects forward with agility and precision. Partner with me to harness the power of modern web development, cloud engineering, and blockchain, transforming your visions into reality with a results-driven approach. Let's create success together.

Frontend ( React | Vue3 | Next | Javascript | Typescript)


Backend (.NET Core | Python | SQL Server)


Cloud Solution Architect (AWS | AZURE)


DevOps (Jenkins | AWS | AZURE)



Service I Provide

Consultancy & Strategy

Expert digital transformation consultancy linking technology with business growth through strategic problem-solving.

Application Architecture

Architecting robust, scalable applications tailored to meet business needs and solve complex functional challenges.


Leveraging deep technical expertise to devise and implement innovative solutions to complex industry problems.

Web Development

Creating responsive, dynamic web solutions using modern frameworks to enhance user experience and solve business problems.

Cloud Engineering

Designing scalable, resilient cloud solutions across AWS, Azure, GCP to optimize efficiency and solve scalability issues.

Agile Project Leadership

Agile project leadership fostering productivity, continuous improvement, and successful delivery in dynamic project environments.

DevOps and CI/CD

Streamlining software deployment with DevOps and CI/CD, enhancing delivery processes, and solving operational bottlenecks.

Blockchain Solutions

Innovative blockchain applications development, including smart contracts and NFTs, addressing real-world challenges securely.

Client Success Stories

Highlighting real-world successes, demonstrating problem-solving impact and strategic value delivered to clients.


Work Experience

Architecting Solutions


Sep 2018 - Present, EDF

Spearheading transformative web and BI projects, I played a crucial role in redefining software architecture and deployment efficiencies at EDF, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to elevate software quality and team agility.

Ansible, Jenkins, Nexus, Vue, React, Groovy, C#, .NET Core, JavaScript, SQL Server, T-SQL TypeScript

Web3 Developer

Astro Must Game

Dec 2021 - Sep 2022

At the helm of on-chain game development, I integrated smart contracts, NFTs, and decentralized apps to launch groundbreaking features, driving Astro Must Game's success in the dynamic NFT landscape.

MongoDB, Web3, pinata, Next.js, AWS, Hardhat, Solidity, Azure DevOps, Node.js, Azure

Solidity Developer


Sep 2021 - Mar 2022

Merging fashion with blockchain, I utilized Solidity to craft intuitive smart contracts for NFT transactions at C01 NFT, setting new standards in fashion-centric blockchain innovations.

Web3, Ethers, Vercel, pinata, Hardhat, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Solidity, HTML5, CSS3, React.js

Web3 fullstack Engineer


Jun 2021 - Dec 2021

Leading MGDC's foray into NFTs, I designed smart contracts and digital solutions that enhanced user engagement and opened new avenues for collaboration and growth in the NFT ecosystem.

Web3, Ethers, pinata, Hardhat, Solidity, Node, Vue, TypeScript

Full Stack Engineer


Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

As a pivotal engineer, I developed a web application for healthcare professionals, streamlining appointment management and patient care, and setting new standards in healthcare technology.

.NET Framework, MongoDB, Azure DevOps, Vue.js, C#, .NET Core, HTML5, CSS3

Full Stack Engineer


Jun 2017 - Dec 2018

I was instrumental in developing the YOSS platform, leveraging cloud technologies to connect freelancers with corporates, fostering a new era of work engagement and efficiency.

Angular, Azure, Bootstrap, Node.js, PowerShell, Scrum, C#, .NET Core, JavaScript, T-SQL, TypeScript

Full Stack Engineer

VINCI Construction

Nov 2016 - May 2017

In a compact team, I contributed to the creation of VINCI Construction's corporate social network, enhancing employee collaboration and fostering a connected, transparent culture.

Node.js, PowerShell, Scrum, C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, SQL Server Azure

Full Stack Engineer

Bouygues Telecom

Dec 2014 - Nov 2016

At Bouygues Telecom, I led the development of Azure-hosted applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability, and championing the seamless operation and evolution of enterprise-grade solutions.

C#/ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL Server, T-SQL

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